Our curriculum has evolved over many years combining the best of a largely traditional structure with dynamic state of the art approaches to classroom teaching and learning.

The National Curriculum lies as the bedrock of our curriculum in Key Stages 3 and 4 which are subdivided into discreet areas/subjects.

The overriding principle of a broad and balanced curriculum is found at the heart of our curriculum design. The combination of curriculum areas and subjects fulfils and expands our LEA Entitlement Curriculum Policy whilst it also ensures that our pupils are exposed to the following accepted educational areas of expertise and the multiple intelligence development that this offers.


Eight essential areas of expertise:

• Aesthetic and creative

• Scientific & technological

• Social and political

• Spiritual


Each area/subject of the curriculum plans a teaching and learning programme to:

• Impart an appropriate body of knowledge to each pupil

• Enable each pupil to develop skills, acquire conceptual understanding and positive attitudes to learning

• Differentiate teaching and learning to meet the needs of the individual

Our curriculum design is planned to develop and sequence Key Skills across the curriculum. These key skills are:

• Communication

• Application of number

• Information technology