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Modern Foreign Languages

What languages do children learn at Fernwood?

In Year 7 pupils start either French or German and have three lessons per week. Pupils in F E R N start French and pupils in W D S C start German.

In Year 8 pupils start the second language and have two lessons of French and two lessons of German per week. This continues through Year 9 too!

Who teaches languages?  

We have a team of nine highly-skilled language specialists, who are able to teach both French and German. In addition to this, we also have members of the study support team who are proficient in the two languages and who help some of our pupils in lessons and in smaller groups.

What are language lessons like?

Pupils are immersed in the language from the very beginning, where German or French is used as the main means of communication. Pupils are fully supported and rewarded for using the language. We believe in learning by doing, which has proved to be very successful and enjoyable.

Do pupils take a GCSE in French or German?

Languages are compulsory as a GCSE subject at Fernwood as they are an important life skill and are increasingly important in the world of work. Pupils may choose French or German, or they can take both languages. French and German are the two most sought after languages for business in the UK.

Fernwood pupils are very successful in languages! In 2014 84 pupils chose French and 76.2% of them achieved A*-C. 107 pupils chose German and 76.6% achieved A*-C.

Does the school have any links with France and Germany?

We have partner schools in both France and Germany. Every year we give Year 10 students the opportunity to take part in an exchange, where they stay with a family in France or Germany and a French or German pupil stays with their family. We also arrange for many pupils to have a penfriend or to be involved in a class project linked with a French or German class.

In Year 8 pupils can have the chance to visit Boppard in Germany or Paris in France. In 2015 Year 8s will visit Boppard!

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