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Personal Development

A new Head of Personal Development was appointed in September 2019 (Mrs E Gray) and she is in the process of re-writing the Personal Development Curriculum to ensure that we continue to build resilient and responsible young people whilst exploring a range of topics in greater depth. This will include updating the RSE education in line with new government legislation. This page shows some of the work still underway but over the year it will be updated to reflect these changes and to include the KS4 curriculum.

Year 9 Year 8 Year 7
Term 1

Unit 1 Kids having Kids

This unit is around consent and control. It asks young people to think about intimacy and waiting for intimacy until you are ready. This leads into the problems around unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancy.

Unit 1 My friends told me to do it

This unit is about peer pressure, persuasion and coercion. It covers the dangers of these things and leads into the learners looking at and considering the impact of these issues in gang culture

Unit 1 Emotional Intelligence

The pupils are asked to think about the nature of relationships. Pupils are asked to consider their strengths and weaknesses and how this can affect the self esteem of both themselves and others.

Unit 2 Drug Awareness

In this unit pupils are taught about cannabis, coccaine and heroin. The dangers and consequences of these drugs and their impact on society. Pupils are also encouraged to think about the law and the implications of medicinal cannabis on society.

Unit 2 Boyfriends or girlfriends

In this unit the pupils are asked to think about relationships and the need for attraction. Expectations of relationships are considered and that there is diversity in attraction. This leads into media influences and grooming through the internet

Unit 2 Friendships and trust

Pupils continue to extend the theme of relationships and start to consider conflict resolution. Pupils explore the idea of friendships and what that means. Pupils consider the role of the internet and social media in relationships and begin to expore the idea of safety and mistrust.

Term 2

Unit 3 Ambition and options

This unit is all about enterprise and the skills that the young people have. It is about identifying strengths and weaknesses and thinking about future employability

Unit 3 Families and Change

Pupils will learn the different nature of families and the relationships within them. Pupils will explore how these relationships can be affected by different factors such as age, gender and power. Pupils will explore the effects of change such as bereavement and divorce.

Unit 3 Team worker and Hagg Farm

Pupils consider the qualities and behaviours that they need to exhibit, to work successfully in a team. Pupils will need to learn about resilience and feedback and how to manage set back. This unit includes the Hagg Farm trip.

Unit 4 The long arm of the law

The pupils will learn the nature of rules, laws and the justice system, including the role of the police and the operation of courts, laws relating to the carrying of offensive weapons and the roles played by public institutions and voluntary groups in society.

Unit 4 Exercise, diet and the media

Pupils will learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including the importance of sleep. They will think about a balanced diet, dieting and influences around food choices, the media portrayal of body image and eating disorders.

Unit 4 My Learning

In this unit the pupils start to explore their own identity as a learner and reflect on year 7 so far. Pupils will think about their preferred style of learning and what that means for them in terms of impoving their own skills. The pupils will learn how to set realistic targets for their learning over the coming term.

Term 3

Unit 5 Discrimination and the peace prize

Pupils will think about the terms associated with gender, sexual orientation and acceptable terminology, the unacceptability of sexist, homophobic, transphobic and disablist language and behaviour, the need to challenge it and how to do so . About discrimination, how to respond when being discriminated against and their responsibilities towards others who are experiencing discrimination. This leads into an end of Key Stage project about the holocaust and includes a trip to Beth Shalom and the award of the Fernwood Peace Prize.

Unit 5 Risky Business

Pupils will learn about budgeting, assessing and managing risk in relation to financial decisions that young people might make, about gambling and its consequences (including on-line gambling), why people might choose to gamble and how the gambling industry encourages gambling

Unit 5 Exercise, Hygiene & Medicine

Pupils will learn the importance of taking increased responsibility for their own personal hygiene, to recognise and manage what influences their choices about exercise, the safe use of prescribed and over the counter medicines and the purpose and importance of immunisation and vaccination

Unit 6 Politics and me

Pupils will consider The development of the political system of democratic government in the United Kingdom, including the roles of citizens, Parliament and the monarch and the operation of Parliament, including voting and elections, and the role of political parties

Unit 6 Ambition and Motivtion

Pupils will learn about different work roles and career pathways, including clarifying their own early aspirations, to recognise that they have the same rights to opportunities in learning and work as other people and to recognise and challenge stereotypes


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