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Morgan Motors Trip

Published on 14th March 2018

When we went to the Morgan Motors in Malvern, we visited the museum and learned about the company and the fact that they are still making handmade cars with wooden frames. In the museum there were some examples of their cars from the very start of car manufacturing to the present day.

The creator of Morgan was Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan, known as H.F.S. Morgan. He created a way of travelling around in a stylish, light, fast and an easy to handle cyclecar. It consisted of 3 wheels, an engine, a lever to steer, a couple of pedals for acceleration and braking, and a frame to hold everything together. The very first prototype was constructed in 1909. It was a simple three-wheeler with a long, hollow and round steel chassis fitted with a 7 horsepower Peugeot V-twin engine (shape of a V). One of its main features was the unusual power to weight ratio of 90 brake horsepower per ton, which enabled this little cyclecar to accelerate as fast as any other car being produced at the time. Although H.F.S. had not originally planned the cyclecar as a commercial venture, the favourable reaction to Morgan’s machine encouraged him to consider putting the car into production.

When we went on the factory tour we were told about how everything works and that the workers don’t stop even when visitors are being shown around.

At the end of the day this trip was probably one of the times when you go somewhere where you want to keep going back and it was just an awesome trip. If you are in either of the product design or engineering groups, this trip is one trip you don’t want to miss. You learn so much about production processes and how they are used. You also learn how long the traditional ways of manufacturing last.

See the full story here.

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