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Head Teacher Parent/Carer Update May 2019

Published on 16th May 2019

Dear Parents / Carers

Thank you to all who were able to attend the various evening events including the Year 8 parents’ consultation, the Fernwood Award Celebrations and the Well-Being evening. The Well-Being evening was led by Mrs Cannon and details of that event and how you can best support your child are now on the school website.

Update on the New Build

Good progress continues to be made. We have decided not to allow ongoing building work during the Year 11 external exams and the Year 10 mocks.

Year 11 Students and Year 10 Mocks

I wish them all the very best through this demanding examination season. As mentioned during the revision evening, revision should be planned, chunked into small amounts and without distraction. The single biggest distraction continues to be mobile phone and internet technologies. Can I once again ask all parents and carers to be vigilant in ensuring students adopt good routines: including sleep! Mobile phones are not allowed in school at any time.

Staff Appointments – Head of Year 9

I am pleased to inform you that Mr Walker has been appointed as the Head of Year 9 with immediate effect.  Mrs Morrill, Assistant Headteacher, has responsibility for KS3 student welfare and Mr Hughes, Assistant Headteacher, has responsibility for KS4 student welfare.

Car Engines and Parental Car Parking

I have received two very polite complaints from residents on Moorsholm Drive who for very good reasons have asked if parents refrain from leaving their car engines running. I promised them that I would communicate this request.

I was horrified to receive an email from a parent in which they described how a student cyclist had to swerve to avoid a parental car that was moving on Goodwood Road. The child involved was not seriously hurt but did fall from their bicycle. Can I respectfully ask that if collecting your children by car you please avoid Goodwood Road and Deepdale Road.

I have been informed by the council that they are considering setting up a free residents’ only parking permit. If this is approved parents will not be able to park on these roads without risking a parking fine.

Dates of Upcoming Events

  • June 3rd Inset – school closed
  • June 27th Year 7 parents’ evening
  • July 3rd and 4th July¬† Year 6 Induction Days
  • Year 11 prom July 12th

Dates of PTA Inspired Events include (Please see the school website for details)

  • Ceilidh 8th of June – all are welcome. If you wish to purchase tickets please contact the school or the PTA

Future Reports

In response to feedback we have amended the school reporting system. We believe it will provide greater clarity. Year 7 will be the first year group to receive the new reports.

One final note I wanted to share with you was the feedback that was provided by Mr Edkins, Schools Liaison Director of Talk Talk organisation. His team spent the whole day with individual class groups improving young people’s ability to present in front of an audience.

This is what he wrote: “It was fantastic to see the engagement and progress made by your pupils by the end of each day. So many of them pushed themselves to succeed and step outside of their comfort zone – really growing their ability and confidence to talk in front of other people. When moving around the sessions I witnessed some truly moving final talks and from some students displays of determination and grit to stand up and deliver their talk.” Furthermore I spoke to another member of his team who has delivered to over 700 schools. He commented on how mature, engaging and well behaved the students at Fernwood were. Congratulations to Year 9 for their continued commitment.

Kind regards
P Burke, Headteacher Fernwood School

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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