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Lockdown Procedure

Published on 10th January 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

In line with national guidance we are implementing and updating our Lockdown Procedure at Fernwood School alongside the introduction of a new alarm/speaker system across the school. We hope of course that we will never need such a procedure. However, much like a fire drill, we know it is essential to be prepared just in case the worst should happen.

Students have been informed in assemblies this Friday and we will then practise the procedure next week, allowing time for all information to be clearly understood by all students.

We are informing parents, carers and guardians and students as this may raise a number of questions for some of our students. It is potentially a worrying experience for all involved if the procedure were ever to be needed. The practice should provide clarity and reassurance, and help prepare us all for this event should it ever be needed for real. We aim to make this experience as calm as possible.

In the future we will continue to practise our Lockdown Procedure in the same way as we do with fire drills.

If you feel your child/children may need to be prepared for the practice please, by all means, discuss the need for such an event. Mr Grant our SENCO and all Form Tutors and Key Pastoral Staff will also be supporting our students carefully. If you feel further support is necessary please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year.

Yours sincerely


Mr P Burke / Mrs M Morrill
Headteacher / Assistant Headteacher

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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