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Nominations for Parent Governors

Published on 24th January 2020

There will shortly be 4 Parent Governor vacancies on the Governing Body and I am, therefore, seeking nominations from parents who are interested in this role and who have children at the school. (The term ‘parent’, in this respect relates to any person who has ‘parental responsibility’ as defined by the Children Act 1989. If you have any queries about your eligibility as a parent/guardian, please contact the Clerk to the Governing Body at the school for further advice).

There are a number of formalities which any candidate needs to be aware of and these are dealt with below. Before that I thought that it might be helpful if I provided you with an insight into the role of a Parent Governor through the experiences of previous occupants of such positions. Set out below is a flavour of their experiences: –

“If you are considering becoming a Parent Governor and you want to make Fernwood an even better school for your child and for other pupils then don’t wait, apply now.”

“As a Parent Governor I have been consulted on financial planning, staff selection, building works and strategic decisions, such as becoming an Academy.”

“If you have a particular strength or specific background you can offer, that’s great, but it is not essential as everyone gets the opportunity to put forward their opinions and take part in debates to further develop the school.”

“You will need to be committed to attending pre-planned Governor meetings, at 5.45pm, and participate in school visits which are very important, as these provide an opportunity to see what makes Fernwood an excellent school”

“I have been a Parent Governor for 3 years and find the role very rewarding. As a Parent Governor you acquire an understanding of how Fernwood operates and can help influence the future direction of the school for the benefit of pupils, staff and the wider community. The commitment is usually no more than 2 evenings per month during the school year and there are plenty of experienced Governors to help and support, with training available where required. No special skills are necessary, only enthusiasm to see the school continue to flourish and give its pupils the best possible start in life.”

As an Academy the Governing Body of the Academy Trust is responsible for all matters at the school, ranging from setting the strategic direction of the school and monitoring progress, setting and monitoring the school budget, monitoring the performance of staff, a variety of other pupil and personnel issues, admissions and health and safety. In your role as a School Governor, you will be supported in these duties by other experienced members of the Governing Body, the Head Teacher and the Company Secretary.

The Governing Body works together as a corporate body, currently meeting 6 times per year plus committee meetings once per term. As a Parent Governor, you will normally hold office for a period of four years even if your child leaves the school during this time. However, you can resign form the Governing Body at any time. As an Academy, and in accordance with the Trust’s Articles of Association, you will become a Director and your details will be lodged with Companies House. Your appointment will also be subject to an enhanced DBS Check before taking up office. A Code of Conduct is also in place which you would be required to sign-up to.

Although the election of Parent Governors is a matter for parents and carers, I think it would be helpful at this stage to outline the type of skills and experiences that we are looking for at this time. In accordance with good practice the Governing Body regularly assesses the skills required that would benefit the operation of the Governing Body. In this connection, we would hope that candidates with the following skills and experience could be elected: –

  • Financial management/analysis
  • HR and personnel, particularly Chairing staffing Panels
  • The time commitment to attend all meetings and school visits and take collective responsibility for decisions

Feedback from previous Parent Governor appointments included comments that the nomination process was too lengthy and that some Parents were unwilling to put themselves in a position where an election might be necessary. We have responded to this by making it easier to stand, by requiring only one proposer rather than the previous three. I might also add that with 4 vacancies it would need 5 expressions of interest to be made to trigger an election.

If you would like to be nominated to be a Parent Governor, you need to:

  1. Check that you are eligible by reading the Declaration of Eligibility (taken from the Academy Trust’s Articles of Association) which is on the nomination form and sign the Declaration.
  2. Complete the nomination.
  3. Ask one other parent, not related to yourself, who also has children at the school, to sign box 1 (to propose your nomination).
  4. Include a few details about yourself, not exceeding 80 words, particularly referring to skills and experience which we are seeking. This may assist your nomination if there is an election. An election will be held if more nominations are received than the number of vacancies. Voting papers will then be sent to all parents with children at the school, together with any details that you and other nominees have provided. If, however, there are 4 or less nominations then you would be deemed to be elected to the position.
  5. Nominations must be received at the school main reception by 12 noon on Thursday, 13th February 2020. It may be delivered by hand, sent with your child, or by first class post, and should be sealed in an envelope marked ‘Nomination for Parent Governor for the attention of the Clerk to the Governing Body’. Alternatively, you may return a signed form electronically to A paper copy of the forms referred to will be available in the school reception if required. Your nomination will be acknowledged after the above closing date by the Company Secretary/ Clerk to the Governing Body (in this connection it would be helpful if you could include an email address). If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please contact the school.

If you have any further queries about the role of a Parent Governor, please contact the Head Teacher of the School, other members of the School Governing Body or the Company Secretary/Clerk at the School.

Mr P Burke
Head Teacher

Parent Governor Election NOMINATION FORM – JAN 2020


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