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Parent/Carer Meetings

Published on 5th October 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

I would like to thank you for the organised and well-ordered manner your children have started the first of six very busy half terms. This has been evidenced by the way they conduct themselves not only in lessons but also the way that they enter and are attentive in assemblies. They are invariably polite, courteous and engaging. The Fernwood motto ‘Care, Discipline and High Achievement’ aims to develop the whole child and I am proud to be part of that process. This is an invitation to meet as many parents as possible, an opportunity to expand on this.
As many of you are aware, I am a firm believer in discipline. To that end I would like to exemplify that getting the little things right eg. uniform, punctuality and litter ensure a safe and secure environment in which all can succeed.

I have had the opportunity to introduce myself to the Year 7 and Year 10 parents already. I would welcome the opportunity to present to Year 8, 9 and 11 parents my aspirations for your children. I apologise for the short notice but it is possible that demolition work may occur over half term (although this is yet to be confirmed). In order to make this more age related please see the plan below. I am grateful to my colleagues for helping and providing additional information. The following is planned:

Year 11 Parents / Carers Wednesday 17th October 6-6.45pm
Welcome: Mr P Burke
Expectations, advice and guidance for a successful year 11: Mr C Saunders, Head of Year 11
New Exam System: Mr D Rowe, Senior Deputy Head Teacher

Year 8 and 9 Parents / Carers Thursday 18th October 6-6:45pm
Welcome: Mr P Burke
Option Choices and the new Curriculum: Mr D Rowe, Senior Deputy Head Teacher
Expectations, advice and guidance for a successful year: Mrs K Clay and Mr M Hughes Heads of Year 8 and 9 respectively

Building Work
Mr Rowe and I have attended several meetings with regards the new build. We will of course keep you updated as and when we have firm information. In speaking to some parents I would like to reassure you that the school will expand incrementally year on year thus ensuring our ethos of Care, Discipline and High Achievement for all.

The teaching profession has been through an extraordinary period of change. The drive to raise standards and expectations for the profession to cure all ills, is at times poorly conceived. You will be aware that it is often difficult to recruit quality professionals. I am pleased to be able to reassure you that this is not the situation at Fernwood. In my opinion the commitment and energy of colleagues at Fernwood School is a source of inspiration as we all seek to serve the young people in our care.

Yours sincerely


Paul Burke
Head Teacher

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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