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Year 11 Exams and Celebration Assembly

Published on 3rd May 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

I write to inform you of the arrangements for the Year 11s in the build up to and during their GCSE examinations. You will be aware that, because of the increased number of examination papers students now have to sit, the examination period is significantly extended. To give students time to revise and fully prepare for their GCSEs, the current timetable will be suspended from Friday 11th May.

Once formal examinations start on Monday 14th May 2018, students do not have to register with their tutor but are expected to attend the lessons of the subjects for which they have yet to sit an exam. Once all examinations for a subject have been taken, related lesson time becomes an opportunity for revision. Your child may prefer to revise at home during any allocated revision time. If this is the case, they must sign in when they arrive for a lesson and sign out when their lesson has finished. Signing in/out sheets will be in the dining room.

Students do not need to wear school uniform from Monday 14th May but must be appropriately dressed for a school environment. The following items of clothing are not acceptable: revealing clothes, T shirts with offensive messages, baseball caps, jewellery which may cause a health and safety risk. We would like students to remember that they are important role models for our younger students and as such should set a good example. The school reserves the right to send any student home who is inappropriately dressed.

The school policy regarding mobile phones/internet enabled watches must also be adhered to during this time. Please speak to your child about the importance of leaving their mobile phone at home during the examination period.

A Year 11 Celebration Assembly will take place on Friday 11th May 2017. Students will be expected to arrive at school as usual in the morning when they will spend time with their tutor. Students must be in full school uniform. Any student who is not in full school uniform will not be able to attend the Celebration Assembly. At 9.40 tutors will escort their tutor groups to the hall for a celebration of their 5 years at school led by Mr Longshaw and Mrs Eldridge. Following the assembly, students will have the opportunity to sign shirts and then leave the school premises at approximately 11:30. We suggest that students bring a spare shirt to sign.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish your child every success in the coming examinations.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Eldridge

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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