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Year 7 Parents Tutor Meeting

Published on 6th November 2018

Dear Parent/Carer

We hope your child has enjoyed their first weeks at Fernwood School.  As you will be aware from the School Calendar we have an important Parent/Tutor afternoon on Tuesday 13th November.  To enable this to happen all Year 7 pupils will return home at 12.30 pm at the end of the morning session on this day.  At the Parent/Tutor session which runs from 1.45 – 6.00 pm you will have the opportunity to make a 10 minute meeting to talk to your child’s tutor about how your child has settled in.

In addition to the 10 minute meeting with your child’s tutor there will be the opportunity to receive information on your child’s Key Stage 3 Curriculum presented by Mr Rowe, Deputy Head Teacher.  These sessions will run at 1.45, 2.45, 3.45 and 5.10 pm and last for 30 minutes.  We hope you can also attend one of these sessions as it will provide you with vital information.

Appointments can be made with your child’s tutors from 1.45 to 6.00 pm.  Other key staff – Mr Longshaw, Head of Year 7 and Mrs Eldridge, Senior Leader link for Year 7 will also be available to talk with you or answer any questions you may have.

Thanks in advance for your support in this matter and we look forward to working with you and seeing you on Tuesday 13th November.

If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us in school.

Yours sincerely


Mrs M Morrill
Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs Eldridge
Senior Leader Link for Year 7

Reply Slip:  Please return to your child’s Tutor

Pupil Name: ______________________________________________                 Tutor Group: _____________

I will/will not be attending the Year 7 Information/Tutor Evening.

I could attend at any time

I could attend an information session and appointment between   1.45-2.45   2.45-3.45   3.45-4.45   4.00-5.00   5.00-6.00

Please circle as many as possible to help our planning.

I understand that my child will be finishing school at 12.30 pm on Tuesday 13th November 2018


Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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