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Physical Education

Work within the physical education department is designed to support, contribute to and complement the aims of the school in achievement with care and discipline.

Physical education aims to provide an enjoyable, satisfying and balanced programme, with opportunities for all pupils to develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively, irrespective of ability or circumstance.  The physical education curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of individual pupils, and encourage active involvement by all as performers, observers and officials.

Structured and developmental schemes provide for progression, challenge and a sense of achievement.

The development of confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of one’s own and others’ strengths, weaknesses and differences are considered to be an important part of the learning process.

It is intended that the programme offered, together with an awareness of the leisure opportunities within the community, will develop those skills and attitudes conducive to involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle.  This is enhanced by their experiences of independent learning styles, which promotes lifelong learning.


The curriculum is delivered by seven specialist Physical Education teachers;

Mr L Clark PE Teacher Faculty Leader
Miss J Thorpe PE Teacher Assistant Head of Faculty
Mr D Longshaw PE Teacher
Mrs N Churchward PE Teacher
Mr M Hughes PE Teacher
Mr B Smith PE Teacher









  • To develop the ability to make informed decisions on, and appropriate selection of, actions, movement patterns, resources and methods of working with the exploration and formulation of responses to movement-related tasks and situations.
  • To provide for the acquisition of, and the ability to apply knowledge, skills and concepts appropriately and effectively in a variety of movement-related situations.
  • To promote an appreciation of movement and related issues through observation, analysis, assessment and evaluation.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of health, fitness and the effects and benefits of involvement in physical activity amongst the whole school community.
  • To increase the physical activity levels and wellbeing of the whole school community by developing a supportive environment conducive to the promotion of physical activity
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of safety procedures, and the ability to apply safety principles in differing and varied movement contexts.
  • To provide for the development of inter-personal skills and the appreciation of individual differences and capabilities.

Healthy Schools’ Physical Activity Objectives

  • To ensure that all children and young people have the opportunity to develop the confidence, competence and enthusiasm to participate in physical activity for at least an hour each day and to establish and maintain an interest in regular physical activity.
  • To improve children, young people, parent/carer and staff knowledge, understanding, experience of and attitudes towards participation in physical activity.
  • To provide a wide range of quality physical activity opportunities both within and outside the curriculum for children, young people, staff and parents/carers and enable children to participate in high quality PE and school sport each week.
  • To ensure that physical activity provision in the school reflects the cultural, personal, social and medical needs of all children and young people.

Out-of-School-Hours Learning

  • All children and young people are provided with opportunities to be physically active through out-of-hours activities via a wide range of activities including both individual and team/group non-competitive and competitive opportunities.
  • The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment and the opportunities are open to all children and young people regardless of ability.
  • Physical activity is promoted during lunch-times and after school.
  • Specific events are organised throughout the year that promote physical activity and raise its profile across the whole school community.
  • School PE staff lead, with the assistance of some non PE staff,  most OSHL activities with some being delivered by coaches through community coaches.

Community Links

Links exist with several community sporting clubs:-

  1. WHYCFC as partners in the Football Foundation bid, train throughout the season Monday – Thursday on the astro pitch.  Annual meetings are held with WHYCFC to review links.  There is also an annual FF monitoring process for the facility and to improve football links.
  2. Wollaton Cricket Club: strong links have been built with the club -sports leaders have been used from Fernwood to support activities and coaching at the club.   Negotiations are in place to facilitate winter training nets onsite at Fernwood.  The school use the club facilities for home matches.  Cricket Activate details
  3. Nottingham Tennis Centre: since this year we have been invited by the Nottingham Tennis Centre to provide the Ball Crew for the professional tennis competitions that they host in June. In 2014 Coaches came in and delivered Ball Crew taster sessions to all KS3 students and 37 students then went on to spend a week at the Tennis Centre as Ball Crew at the Nottingham Open. We are very privileged to have been asked again to provide the Ball Crew for the prestigious upgrade of that tournament to the ATP Nottingham Open where potentially the top 40 players in the world could compete, with matches being televised around the world.
  4. Kick Boxing links with Aim High Martial Arts and Tek Kickboxing
  5. Beeston Hockey Club
  6. Nottingham Players Hockey Club
  7. Beeston Road Club
  8. British Cycling



In moving towards high quality physical activity for all, the school has an extensive range of extra-curricular activities.

Research by the QCA has underpinned the role and value of high quality PE in securing whole school improvement:  In addition the rationale behind the Healthy Schools’ programme supports many of these findings:-

  • Promotes social inclusion
  • Improved attainment in national curriculum PE
  • Higher attainment across the curriculum
  • Improved behaviour
  • Improved attendance
  • Better attitudes to learning
  • Improved citizenship and leadership qualities
  • Raises self-esteem and confidence
  • Counters anti-social behaviour
  • Improves qualify of life
  • Improves health


The department has over recent years provided an extensive range of extra-curricular activities. Whilst this is purely undertaken on a voluntary basis and is dependent upon staff time and availability it is seen as an integral part of the work within PE.  The department regularly meets to discuss extra-curricular provision and endeavours to give equality of opportunity to all pupils in its provision

Leadership (pupils)

The development of a ladder of pupil leadership has allowed a strategic approach to increasing potential participation through maximising the potential of students to lead others.  The leadership ladder exists throughout the curriculum with the introduction of pupils to a Sports Education Approach from Year 7 through to accredited courses for leadership at Key Stage 4.

Courses at Key Stage 4 are the school certificated Dance Leaders’ and Football Leaders’ awards and the nationally accredited Level 1 Sports Leader Award. Students then deliver festivals to our primary school feeders which then inspire those to participate in physical activity. The Leadership Academy has the responsibility of organising and leading a year 7 inter form competition, the winning team representing the school in a city competition, (dodgeball/handball).  Key Stage 4 pupils also referee and coach in sports where they show a particular expertise eg, refereeing at the Year 7 central venue football 2013, and assisting in the coaching of key stage 3 football teams.  Following on from the success of the volunteers at the 2012 Olympic Games the department will put in place a group of students as Young Sports makers to  assist in promoting physical education and sport

Key Stage 3

The Curriculum is broad and balanced with a range of traditional and non-traditional sports.  Pupils are encouraged to develop their skills and knowledge and transfer between activities.

Key Stage 4

The Key Stage 4 curriculum builds upon what has been learned in Key Stage 3 but allowing pupils greater choice in their individual programme.  The programme is developed further to include activities not available at Key Stage 3 with a view to pupils looking further at potential activities they may develop once they leave school.  All pupils in year 10 are encouraged to select a leadership element.  As well as the 2 lessons dedicated to core PE students are also able to choose either Edexcel GCSE Physical Education or Btec Sport Level 2,as one of their options.

PE Curriculum Breakdown


GCSE exam board

BTEC exam board

Edexcel revision guides for GCSE Physical Education are available to buy through the Department at The Fernwood School. Alternatively, these are also available through retailers such as Amazon.

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