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Letter from Mr Burke 05/01/2021

Published on 6th January 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

I wanted to write to you again in light of the government’s announcement yesterday evening
regarding school closures. We have been planning for this eventuality for some time so want to
reassure you that plans are in place for the delivery or remote learning throughout the lockdown.

From the 5th January until February half-term the school will only be open for face-to-face
education for those classed as vulnerable or critical key worker children as part of the England-wide
lockdown. During this time, the curriculum will be delivered remotely for all year groups. This will
consist of a combination of live lessons delivered via Google Meets in combination with work set on
Google Classroom as appropriate.

The plans for this week remain unchanged from the letter sent yesterday. Work will be set for Years
7, 8 and 9 on Google Classroom. For Year 10 and 11, live lessons will be delivered via Google Meets
and work will be set on Google Classroom following individual timetables.

From Monday 11th January, where possible all work will be set by 8:30am each day so that your
child can see the work set and access any live lessons at the appropriate time. We request that your
child follows their timetable closely so that any work set is completed during the allocated time and
returned to their teacher at the end of the lesson. All students will be registered for lessons. During
live lessons a register will be taken by the teacher, during lessons in which work is set, submission of
work on Google Classroom will used for registration purposes.

In addition, all students will be contacted via Google Classroom or email by their tutors once a week.
It is important that your child engages with their tutors so that we can provide support for the wellbeing.

If your child is in Year 11, we understand that they will be particularly anxious at this time. Mr
Walker and Mr Hughes will be writing to Year 11 this week to offer support, guidance and as much
information as we are able to provide at this time. (This letter will be emailed and also sent to
students via Google Classroom.) We are unable to provide you with any specific information
regarding the announcement that examinations will not go ahead as normal until further
government briefings and updates from the Department for Education have been provided. In the
meantime, teachers will continue to teach the planned curriculum for this half term. Our message to
Year 11 is to continue to work hard and fully participate in all remote learning.

Please continue to encourage your child to actively engage in all aspects of remote learning. I would
be grateful if you would also reiterate that the same high standards of behaviour our young people
display in lessons is expected during live lessons. Outlined below are our online learning behaviour
Students will be expected to:
• Be contactable by members of staff in line with their normal school timetable
• Be organised and ready to learn, and to take part in their online learning and lessons in a
positive way
• Use respectful online behaviour and conduct at all times
• Have their cameras turned on during live lessons so that the member(s) of staff can support
their learning fully by engaging with all students during the course of the lesson, and check
understanding (if for any reason a student cannot turn their camera on, the student will
engage with the online lesson by communicating or contributing to the lesson through the
online chat facility)
• Complete any activities or work set during the online live lesson or via Google Classroom to
the best of their abilities
• Complete work from online lessons and home-learning activities by the deadlines set by the
teacher or member of staff
• Ask for help from teaching assistants/key staff or teachers if extra support or explanation is
needed to understand or complete a task set in relation to a live lesson/annotated
PowerPoint or work set via Google Classroom.

Please find attached with this letter Google Classroom guidance should your child need support. The
information can also be found on the school website.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time. We will update when additional
government announcements occur.

Kind regards
Paul Burke
Head Teacher

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
The Fernwood School, Goodwood Road, Wollaton, Nottingham, NG8 2FT
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