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Mobile Phones and Parental Parking

Published on 25th February 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

Please could I ask parents and carers to support us on the following matters:

1. Mobile phones (this includes any electronic devices which can access the internet or film/record)

 I would like to take the opportunity to remind parents and carers of our school rules concerning mobile phones:

Mobile phones are not allowed in The Fernwood School – reasons include:

  • Security – mobile phones can be lost or stolen causing students, parents/carers distress. Staff would need to use valuable time investigating an incident of lost/stolen phones.
  • Health and Safety issues – most phones have a camera facility. Inappropriate photographs e.g. P.E changing rooms could quickly be sent to the internet causing huge embarrassment.
  • Lessons could be disrupted by the inappropriate use of a phone.
  • All Exam Boards prohibit the carrying of phones into examination rooms due to the potential for fraudulent use.

 If a parent/carer has a need for information/communication to be made regarding their child in the course of a normal school day, they should contact the school office.

However, there may be some exceptional circumstances where a student may need a mobile phone eg off site visit. In this instance parents/carers will provide a written note to the Head of Year. If students are found to have a mobile phone without consent, the phone will be confiscated and put in a secure area.  The parent/carer will be contacted to arrange collection (School Behaviour for Learning Policy January 2016).

I would ask all parents and carers to support us in ensuring your child does not break this rule.

2. Student safety in the mornings & evenings

Frequently, children’s safety has been compromised by the number of parents dropping children off on Goodwood Road, in our car-park and even on the school yard. Recently we have had two near misses where our students could have been seriously injured.

It is critical that all parents support the school by co-operating fully with the following points at the start and finish of the school day:

  • Wherever possible students are expected to travel to school by foot or using public transport
  • Please avoid taking your car into the area near our school as it poses a serious risk to all students
  • There will be no access for parents into the school car park or to the turning head outside the school gate

By working together, we can ensure that all students travel to and from school in safety.


Thank you for your continued support of the school.

Yours sincerely


Mrs T Rees

Head Teacher

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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