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ADT – Year 10 Engineering

Published on 3rd September 2014

Dear Parent / Carer,

As part of the year 9 options process your child has elected to study ‘GCSE Engineering’ for the next two years. I am delighted that they wish to pursue the subject at a higher level, but owing to some changes emerging from the government over the summer I’m afraid we have come across some difficulties with the course that we initially offered.

The government intend to discontinue the course from 2016, and support from the examination board is declining. As teachers we are deeply saddened by this move, as we believe engineering education to be of vital importance for the future of our country on the world stage.

Engineering has however been approved as a BTEC qualification under the new more rigorous structure which has been applied to this style of course. As experienced teachers, we have investigated this as an option and believe it to be both relevant, highly stimulating, and of great worth to our students. We are therefore intending on delivering this course in place of the GCSE Engineering course your child opted for.

To avoid any confusion, the government last year questioned the validity of some vocational qualifications, but I wish to assure you that this course is part of a new stream of qualifications which include examinations as well as coursework and are regarded as the same worth as a standard GCSE, and fully approved and supported by the government and examination boards. It therefore still sits alongside GCSE’s, does not disadvantage your child in any way, and still allows full access to further education with this as an award.

I hope that you agree with me that this is the right decision for the children, but if you would like to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at the school.

Kind regards,


Mr D. Jones
Head of Faculty
Art, Design and Technology


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