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Headteacher Update – September 2020

Published on 11th September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope you are all well. It has been exciting to receive the children back and whilst complicated logistically, it has been an extremely positive start. I have been impressed with the way in which the children have adapted to the various new routines that are in place. I am particularly impressed with the way in which Year 7 have settled and in particular given the lack of transition visits due to lockdown. I would also like to thank you for the various constructive feedback that you have given to a wide range of staff.

If you suspect that your child may have COVID OR a significant cough PLEASE keep your child at home. You may well be aware that a Nottinghamshire Primary School has closed for two weeks and other schools have had to close year groups until the students have been tested. PLEASE continue to reinforce the school expectations of washing hands properly and frequently as well as applying hand gel when entering classrooms.

I am acutely aware that many families have lost income due to the pandemic and many others their job. If you believe that your child may be entitled to free school meals please email and Mrs Hopkinson will be able to support you through this process.

Students are behaving as expected and I am reminding you all that no phones, jewellery or makeup is allowed. I do not wish to have to place students in isolation. I want them in the classroom, enjoying learning and working to the best of their abilities. Arrival times are 8:20 am for KS4 and 8:35 am for KS3.

PLEASE can I ask that parents do not park on Goodwood Road or Deepdale Road. Last year two students were hit by cars. It is my understanding that the council are to make these roads resident parking only. I appreciate that you are keen to ensure your child’s safety but if you park a little further away you will be taking care of all the children. Last year on the school site a child collapsed and an emergency ambulance was called. If that had taken place at the end of the day the consequences do not bear thinking about.

If your child is a cyclist they should wear a helmet and take great care. One or two have been seen cycling without due care and attention.

All staff have commented how nice it is to be teaching in the classroom and seeing the children again. It is great to have them all back and settled. Student wellbeing remains an important focus for all we are doing. Your children are a credit to you.

Kind regards

Paul Burke
Head Teacher

Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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