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Triple Science Year 10 Exams

Published on 24th May 2016

Dear Parent of year 10 student,

With the upcoming year 10 exams (beginning on 13th June), the science department wanted to make sure that you understand the structure of the science GCSEs and the importance of students revising for these exams.

Triple science consists of:

  • Biology:  B1 = 8 Units; B2 = 8 Units; B3 = 4 Units
  • Chemistry:  C1 = 7 Units; C2 = 7 Units; C3 = 6 Units
  • Physics: P1 = 5 Units; P2 = 6 Units; P3 = 3 Units

Year 10 have now completed B1, C1 and P1 and so their year 10 exams will be a past GCSE paper.

This means that next year for the GCSEs they will have 54 topics to learn and they will have nine exams.

Forming new memories is a cumulative process (we all used to know lots of phone numbers that we used on a regular basis, now we know hardly any because we don’t use them so the memory doesn’t form).  This means that work has to be revisited again, again and again.  If your son/daughter is going to have a chance of doing well in year 11, it is crucial that they take these exams seriously and revise.  They should view it that by revising for their year 10 exams they are really revising for their actual GCSEs.

We feel that it is key that we work together to help your son/daughter achieve their very best.
As a science department we will do the following:

  • Ensure the all the material has been taught
  • Provide students with checklists for each topic (though the hub and portal)
  • Provide students with graphic organisers to summarise topics (through the hub and portal)
  • Provide time at break/lunch for students to ask us to explain concepts
  • Recommend revision techniques and resources e.g.

As parents we would encourage you to do some of the following:

  • Help them to develop and then stick to a revision timetable to cover half term and the weeks leading up to and during their exam.
  • Purchase a revision guide for £3.50 from student reception
  • Provide your child (where possible) with a quiet place to study
  • Ask them to explain a topic/concept to you
  • Make sure that the revision they do is active (not just reading), they can make notes, write themselves questions, draw diagrams, use colours
  • After a period of revision, look at what they have done, test them
  • Help students mark past paper questions

Please discuss the content of this letter with your child, deciding which support your son/daughter would benefit from and how you are able to support them.

Also, please complete the reply slip below in order to let us know any useful information from your discussion or if there is anything else we can do to support your son/daughter.  A copy of this letter will be online for future reference.

Yours faithfully,


Mrs Clay
Lead Practitioner in Science

Reply Slip

I have discussed the importance of revision with my son/daughter. We have agreed that I can support them by:

We think it would be helpful if their teachers could:

Signed __________________________

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