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Year 11 Curriculum

Published on 4th November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer,

I am writing this letter to reassure you that your child’s recovery curriculum is firmly in hand. As you can imagine, in normal circumstances, designing and implementing a curriculum for the whole school is a monumental challenge. With the COVID pandemic, this became an even greater challenge. The main aims of our adapted curriculum were to maintain the overall curriculum time as well as maintaining the integrity of the option subjects. In many schools, students have been forced to drop one of their options, thus impacting on their overall qualifications, this has often been in more practical subjects. This adaptation gave more curriculum time to Personal Development (PD) and Religious Education (RE) in the returning half term. This temporary adaptation meant a decrease in overall curriculum time for Science.

In Year 10 students received a 90-minute lesson which was shared between PD and RE so over a fortnightly period they each received 90 minutes. On return to school in September students received the equivalent of 150 minutes per fortnight. The time on the curriculum has now returned to Science, which appears on their timetable on Wednesdays as Biology.

Students who study both RE and PD will now receive 75 minutes each on a fortnightly basis. This, for technical reasons, may appear on their timetable as RE or PD on a Friday but for those that study both they will on a rotation of RE and PD fortnightly.

In comparison to year 10, this will give a longer period of time to study each subject but on a fortnightly basis. We shall be using curriculum time creatively throughout the year to ensure students aren’t negatively impacted further in their education as we continue on our path to recovery.

Yours sincerely


Mr Crandley
Assistant Head Teacher


Head Teacher – Mr P Burke
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