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The school takes great pride in the appearance of its students and in the co-operation of parents on this matter.  We all need to work together to maintain our high standards.  This is extremely important to the general discipline and tone of the school.  Fashion items are not part of the school uniform e.g. short skirts, tight hipster trousers, jeans, cords, leggings or tracksuit trousers, jeggings, short trousers which do not cover ankles or fitted fashion shirts.  The overriding factor in our choice is that pupils should wear safe, practical clothing which reflects a smart, dignified appearance.

Girl UniformJewellery

For health and safety reasons NO jewellery may be worn.  If a student wears jewellery it will be confiscated and returned to parents who may come into school to collect it.  Alternatively students can collect their property at the end of the last day of each half term.  In order to comply with our policy, if a student wishes to have their ears pierced this must not be done during regular term time. We would expect this to be done at the beginning of the long summer holiday so that the wound has sufficient time to heal.  Plasters may NOT be worn to protect earrings or any other piercing.  Thank you for your co-operation.

Hair, Make-up and Nail Polish

Students are expected to ensure that their hair is well groomed and of natural colour (no streaked hair or tips).  For health and safety reasons make-up, nail polish, false nails or excessive hair accessories are not permitted. No extreme hair styles i.e. Mohicans or patterns cut into hair.  Please check with school if you need clarification or require advice. Students who breach the uniform rules will be required to rectify the situation immediately and complete a uniform detention on the same day.  Students not in the correct uniform may need to spend time in our Internal Exclusion Room rather than be in general circulation around the school.

Shoes and headwear

During cold weather, plain black woollen hats (not caps) may be worn outside the school buildings. Scarves and gloves may be worn but must be removed with coats.

  • Turbans must be plain black.
  • Black or white hijabs may be worn.

Hair ties must be plain black or plain white and of a simple design. No other form of headgear is permitted.

Boy Uniform

Plain black sensible, robust shoes are needed at all times for school wear and, because of accident risk on the large number of stairs in the school, trainers, shoes without backs, or with very high heels and boots will not be permitted.  Trainers should only be used for PE lessons.

In icy weather we accept that students may need to wear boots on the way to school, however, students must change into their normal school shoes on arrival.


Valuables must not be brought into school – this includes electronic devices, mobile phones or internet enabled watches.  If students have an emergency one-off situation where a mobile phone is required they must speak in advance to their Head of Year.

If a student brings a mobile phone into school without prior consent, it will be confiscated and returned in person only to the parent/carer who will need to come into school to collect it. Students found with a mobile phone in their possession in school will immediately receive a C3 detention.

Regular random bag searches are conducted by the Senior Leadership Team and key pastoral staff to ensure the school rules regarding valuables and mobile phones are stringently adhered to.

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