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Year 11 Teacher and Centre Assessed Grade Process 2021

To ensure year 11 receive accurate grades commensurate with their efforts across the two years of the GCSE course, and to ensure fairness and remove all bias from the teacher and centre assessed grades process, we have worked in collaboration with examination boards and strictly followed guidance from Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) to put in place extensive quality assurance procedures. An examination centre policy for determining teacher assessed grades in 2021 has been written in accordance with JCQ protocols and externally verified by JCQ.

Teacher and Centre Assessed Grades Process

Teachers will record their professional predicated grade for each subject based on performance to date across the two years of the GCSE or equivalent course. Two assessment windows have been calendared and at the end of each assessment window teachers will review students’ performance in lessons and across a series of assessments to validate professional predictions. All teacher assessed grades will be recorded centrally to provide evidence for a final centre assessed grade.

Grades will be awarded based on evidence from across the GCSE or equivalent course as stipulated in the guidance from Ofqual. The performance in lessons and assessments from the 8th March 2021 will be taken into consideration when calculating final grades. Students will be given a range of opportunities to show any improvement made since returning to school now that revision has started in earnest. Where improvements are in evidence, teacher professional grades may change if improvements are witnessed consistently in both classwork and formal assessments. (No single piece of evidence will be used to determine a grade.)

If any year 11 students are required to isolate during the assessment windows, assessments will continue as planned where possible. Protocols have been put in place using Google Meets and Google Docs to ensure parity between in-class assessment and those completed at home wherever possible. Should a disparity exist between work completed at home compared to work in school (considering both grade inflation and deflation) students will sit an additional assessment once back in school to ensure fairness and equality of opportunity for all.

Assessments in Formal Exam Conditions (Hall and Drama Studio)

In addition to the in-class assessments (completed in exam conditions), a range of assessments in formal examination conditions in the Hall and Drama Studio will take place. We believe the opportunity for all year 11 students to have the opportunity to experience formal examination conditions is essential in preparing them for the next stage of their education. All assessments in the Hall and Drama Studio will involve external moderators and comply with examination regulations. Students with access arrangements have been fully catered for in all in-class assessments and will have their access arrangements met during the assessments in formal exam conditions according to our usual protocols. Rooms 45 and 46 (our usual access arrangement room) will be used throughout assessment window two.

Quality Assurance Procedures

A member of the Senior Leadership Team has met with all subject and faculty leaders to discuss and review all planned assessments and internal quality assurance measures. These plans have been reviewed against the Ofqual, JCQ and subject examination board requirements to ensure compliance with regulations across all subjects.

At each assessment point, all assessments will be standardised and moderated to ensure consistency across teams of teachers. Examination criteria with clearly defined mark schemes and grade boundaries will be applied to all assessments to ensure parity for all. Where training in standardisation and moderation is required (for example for newly qualified teachers) this will take place prior to assessments and support will continue throughout the assessment process.

Additional quality assurance procedures at school level will be applied during the centre assessed grade process before final grades are sent to the examination boards in accordance with their requirements for each subject.

During this challenging time, we will ensure that all grades are awarded fairly, without bias and with full compliance with all Ofqual and JCQ regulations. We are eminently proud of our year 11 and we are confident that they will receive accurate grades commensurate with their efforts across the two years of the GCSE or equivalent course. An autumn series of examinations will go ahead for the second year in a row for students who wish to re-sit examinations.

JCQ Guidance for Students and Parents on Summer 2021

Ofqual’s student guide to awarding: summer 2021


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