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BTEC Sport

This course provides an engaging and relevant introduction to the world of sport through a vocational setting. It incorporates important aspects of the industry, such as fitness testing and training for sport and exercise, the psychology of sport, practical sports performance and sports leadership. It enables you to develop and apply your knowledge, while also developing a range of relevant practical, communication and technical skills.

Structure of the course in Key Stage 4:

Pupils will have 2 lessons of BTEC Sport per week. These lessons will be predominantly taking place on computers for students to complete coursework making up 75% of the course. There will also be a focus on the online exam unit which makes up 25% of the course.

The course consists of a lot of practical delivery through completing videos highlighting rules in sports like football and table tennis, completing training videos, playing matches to completing training programs and learning about health and fitness through a practical setting. Depending on the topic there maybe a series of practical lessons lasting several weeks, series of lessons in the computer room or a mixture of the two.

Content of the course:

Unit 1 – 25% – Fitness for Sport and Exercise

  • Topic 1: Components of Fitness and Principles of Training
  • Topic 2: Training Methods
  • Topic 3: Fitness Testing

Unit 2 – 25% – Practical Performance in Sport

  • Topic 1: Rules, regulation and scoring systems in football and table tennis.
  • Topic 2: Skills, techniques and tactics in football and table tennis.
  • Topic 3: Match analysis in football and table tennis.

Unit 3 – 25% Applying the Principles of Training

  • Design a fitness training program.
  • Effects on the body during fitness training.
  • Complete a fitness training program.
  • Review your fitness training program.

Unit 4 – 25% Leading Sports Activities

  • Qualities of a good sports leader.
  • Plan and lead a sports activity.
  • Review the planning and leading of your sports activity.

Assessment in the subject:

  • Component 1 – This unit is assessed through an online exam. Lessons maybe in a classroom or completed practically.
  • Component 2 – This unit is a mixture of practical lessons and computer-based coursework.
  • Component 3 – This unit is a mixture of practical lessons and computer-based coursework.
  • Component 4 – This unit is a mixture of practical lessons and computer-based coursework.

Pathways Post 16:

BTEC Sport level 2 links to BTEC Sport Level 3 at a further education college. Over recent years there has been an increase in local sports clubs offering scholarships alongside BTEC Sport Level 3 courses particularly football club scholarships. This involves half a day football training plus half a day studying.

BTEC Level 3 courses are widely accepted by most Universities including Russell Group Universities. In 2019, 25% of students starting University had a BTEC. BTEC’s can also lead to BTEC level 4 and 5 diploma’s involving working in industry whilst completing a degree course.

The course should appeal to anyone with an interest in fitness, sport and leisure.  Related careers may include; the armed forces or emergency services, sports coach, personal trainer, sports manager, nutritionist and sports scientist.

Extra-curricular opportunities:

Students would be encouraged to represent the school in sports and complete their Sports Leaders Award through compulsory PE lessons. This is a nationally accredited award involving delivering PE lessons to students at Fernwood Infant School. We would also encourage BTEC Sport students to apply for PE prefect status in year 11 and encourage our BTEC Sport students to help support teachers with the delivery of Key Stage 3 extra-curricular clubs.

Finally, through the course we offer students the opportunity to visit Loughborough University to experience some sport lectures, a tour around their world class sport facilities and participate in some practical sports.

Options – BTEC Sport FAQs

Yes, you will have more practical lessons and there are probably slightly more practical lessons in BTEC Sport compared to GCSE PE. Practical lessons will not be every week and there may be a series of practical lessons or computer-based lessons depending on the unit of work.
BTEC Sport is the equivalent of one GCSE and is accepted by all local colleges and sixth form academies as part of their entry requirements. BTEC’s are widely accepted by Universities across a wide range of degrees.
There are five grades that you can achieve across BTEC Sport. They are: Level 1 pass - level 1.75 Level 2 pass –GCSE level 4 Level 2 merit – GCSE level 5.5 Level 2 distinction – GCSE level 7.5 Level 2 distinction plus – GCSE level 9
If you have a keen interest in sport but do not necessarily play outside of school, you enjoy your PE lessons, prefer working on computers and working practically BTEC Sport maybe the better option for you. Additionally, I would recommend if you are a pathway 2 or 3 student BTEC Sport would be more suited to your strengths.

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