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GCSE Mathematics

Mathematics is a compulsory subject to study at GCSE. It is a subject that is integral to our understanding of the modern world.

Year 9 at Fernwood stands as a transition between the end of Key Stage 3 but with a clear focus on getting students ready for Key Stage 4. This gives them an opportunity to further explore topics with greater depth and breadth, building on the mastery curriculum studied in years 7 and 8 while preparing them for the additional challenge of GCSE.

The course has been divided into distinct units of study which are further differentiated to suit the needs of learners. Pupils will be assessed at the start and end of each unit so that you can follow their progress as you continue with this course. Assessment analysis sheets and improvement activities can be found in pupils’ exercise books which will inform of their progress and areas for improvement.

It is an expectation in mathematics that; pupils revisit basic material on a regular basis, they make sufficient notes in their reference books that allow them to do this and they show clear working solutions in their workbooks. Pupils should also utilise MyMaths to support their studies and boost their confidence in the basic material as well as stretch themselves in order for them to achieve their full potential at the end of Year 11. All pupils should have a scientific calculator (preferably a CASIO).

For our most able young mathematicians we can offer the AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics Qualification (8365), which is now also graded 1-9. If you choose to study this (not decided until year 11) then you will be able to achieve an additional GCSE qualification, which is also great preparation for those studying A Level maths. The basic units of learning for further mathematics are covered within the context of the current GCSE maths curriculum, apart from an additional unit at the end of the GCSE course that completes the additional learning specific to this qualification.

Additionally, where appropriate for some students, we offer an AQA Entry Level Course Qualification for Mathematics.

If you have any further questions, please speak to your maths teacher.

Options – GCSE Mathematics

The only way to learn maths is to ‘do maths.’
  • Does your child have access to the school maths subscriptions and are they using them?
  • Can they explain that day’s teaching to you?
  • Have they completed their homework to a good standard?
  • Have they created flashcards to help the revise that week's topics?
  • Have they collected exam papers for extra practice?
Sitting with an open revision guide does not help them to be GCSE ready.
Revision guides are available to purchase in school and match the school's exam board, however, some of the items above may be of more use. Free websites such as GCSE Bitesize, OnMaths or Corbett maths may be helpful.
Higher tier mathematics students at Fernwood follow the AQA specification and Foundation tier students follow the OCR specification. Both exam boards have 3 papers and are 90 minutes per each paper, for a total of 4½ hours
A scientific calculator and a ruler are required (we recommend a Casio) and it is recommended that each student bring their own compass and protractor.

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