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NCFE Level 2 Technical Award in Music Technology

The first question that is usually asked about Music Technology is asking what a Level 2 Technical Award is; it is a qualification that is worth the same as a GCSE, but is not one! The different qualification allows for the course to be more practically based, which is the entire point of it.

If you enjoy the work you have done on GarageBand, then this might be a course to consider.  You need to be able to work independently as a large amount of your time will involve researching,  creating and editing music, then evidencing this process, most of which is done with you working on your own projects, wearing headphones.

What is the course?

The purpose of the course is that by the end of it, you can use Music Technology software well enough to create and edit music.  We teach using Logic Pro X, a piece of software used commonly within the music industry.

What do I do?

Half of the overall mark is made up of coursework, with the other half being two exams at the end.  Nearly all the time is spent on the coursework, with the exams purely there to check the understanding that you have gained through doing your coursework.  The coursework is made up of four modules, each worth the same.  In Year 10, the first introduces you to the software and the second involves you researching a style of music that you are interested in, then creating a piece in that style. Moving into Year 11, the third looks at recording live performances and the final one is about sound in film.

Near the end of the course you have a practical exam worth 35%, which is essentially like following a recipe, showing that you can use the software.  Lastly, there is a written exam worth 15% and that checks your understanding of what you have learned through your studies.

Do I need to be able to play an instrument?

As long as you are reasonably confident with the keyboard work we have done in the classroom in KS3, that’s fine.  If you do play an instrument, you can include that in your work if it’s appropriate, but there is no requirement to.

Options – NCFE Level 2 Technical award in Music Technology FAQs

It is a Vocational Qualification that is worth the same as a GCSE, so it is a different qualification but it counts in the same way.
The pass grades are Distinction*, Distinction, Merit, Pass. These are the equivalent of an 8.5, 7, 5.5 and a 4 at GCSE.
The main software we use is Logic Pro X. This is an industry standard piece of software which is made by the same company as GarageBand, so already feels quite familiar when you open it for the first time.
You need to enjoy the GarageBand type work you have done in Year 7, 8 and 9. Most of your time will involve sitting at a computer, wearing headphones and creating, using and researching Music Technology. It is important that you can work independently to succeed on this course.

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