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During year 7, children will get to read and experience a range of fiction and non-fiction writing. They will read a class novel, and learn how writers craft such wonderful characters and captivating settings. They will be taught how they themselves can use language and structure to grab their reader’s attention, and put this into practice by writing their own story opening. They will also get to explore a range of different poems, and learn how poets use imagery and sound to create different moods and meanings. Year 7 children will also learn how to write clearly and with purpose, to persuade their reader that their view is the correct one using a range of different writing devices.
There are lots of ways that the English faculty help children to enjoy reading, writing, and talking with purpose. Every year, we have reading groups that track two of the most prestigious writing awards – The Carnegie Award, and the Brilliant Book Award. Children read a selection of the finest, hand picked literature for young people, and have the opportunity to vote for their favourite, and attend events outside of school where they might hear extracts read by, and indeed meet, the writers themselves!
English teachers work very hard to ensure that every child is challenged and supported to reach their full potential. Sometimes this might be through offering different tasks, or extra help in lessons. We also have lots of special reading and writing tasks to offer to children who might need an extra challenge. Staff from study support work closely with us to help some students with extra reading, and they spend time in lessons with children who would benefit from another adult to help out if they get stuck.
Lessons at Fernwood are often creative, and are more than just sitting still behind a desk. We encourage children to use their creativity to demonstrate their understanding – we have had art competitions, made and sailed paper boats, customised clothing, made ‘books in a shoe box’, and even had cakes baked that represent characters we have learned about! We also often work collaboratively in groups, present ideas to the rest of our class, or have a debate about important topics. These speaking and listening skills help to develop our critical thinking as well as our communication skills, and are really helpful in other subjects as well as outside of school.

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