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In year 7 students will begin by considering what is Geography and what is our world and how they are linked to it at different scales from local to global. They will develop existing and new skills in using an atlas and reading an ordnance survey map, and analysing photographs to interpret landscapes or plotting data on a range of graphs. They will learn about what settlements are and what early settlers sought in the landscape. Students will explore how our earth is made, the rock and water cycles and how people impact on our planet, such as in Antarctica. To consider its value as a wilderness, and how Antarctica is threatened and what this means for our planet. Finally, students will learn about our climate and our ever-changeable daily weather.
In Geography, lessons are for a duration of one hour and there are two lessons each week. Classes are taught by a geography specialist in their mixed ability tutor groups of typically 25-30 students. In year 8 students have one geography lesson a week, and in year 9, one and a half lessons (one each week and one every fortnight on rotation with History). Should they decide to opt for geography at GCSE level then they will have two lessons a week, one for one hour, and one for an hour and a half.
Across the Humanities subjects of Geography, History and RE, all work will be seen by their teacher as it feeds into their assessments and informal feedback will be given in a range of ways every lesson. However, only longer, more substantial assessment pieces of work will be thoroughly marked with detailed comments. From which students will be guided on how to reflect on their work and make improvements. At the end of each major assessment, teachers will set a feed-forward target to help students make further progress between assessments and in preparation for the next assessment.
At KS3, fieldwork centres around the school grounds, although at GCSE the Geography Department organises two separate fieldwork days to the Peak District National Park, currently to investigate the reliance and impact of tourism in Bakewell and also to carry out a river investigation of Burbage Brook.
The study of geography enables students to embark on a career in a range of fields, including those in the education, commerce, industry, transport, tourism and public sectors. Geographers also develop many transferable skills, attracting a wide range of employers from the business, law and finance sectors.

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