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Faculty Representative
360o of a Mathematics Classroom


The purpose of the KS3 curriculum is to develop students’ fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Students are engaged and challenged through a rich variety of sophisticated problems with students spending time developing their fluency. This allows for a greater depth of understanding for all students, addressing misconceptions and focussing on the reasoning ‘why’ rather than the process. This then aids learners who have developed strategies for complex mathematical problem solving that will last a lifetime.
All students have the same opportunity, regardless of attainment. Students are given greater control at self-assessing their understanding and choosing the suitable material in a lesson. Extension work is not ‘more of the same’ but involves challenge related to the lesson theme. Students’ sense of “I’m good at maths is restored and self-esteem is raised as they’re not in the ‘bottom set’ helping to address low aspirations.
Teachers at Fernwood are skilled in supporting all students in their mathematical learning journey. We employ a range of methods to ensure that students are both supported and stretched. The scheme of learning has been developed to enable gaps in knowledge to be identified and filled. This means that learners progress to KS4 with the required knowledge thoroughly embedded and students are confident and are fluent, having mastered KS3.
Being mathematically fluent is an important part of daily life and we are passionate about all students being successful after leaving Fernwood. A good mathematics qualification can open many doors in the world and ultimately can help to explain the world that we live in.

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