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Modern Foreign Languages

European Day of Languages
On the Rhine
Our French partner school
Visiting Paris
Visiting the pop-up languages museum
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In year 7, our focus is on expressing and justifying personal opinions. We do this through a range of topics: family, free time, school, where we live. We use the target language as far as possible as the normal means of communication in the classroom. Students are encouraged to ‘have a go’ in the foreign language and as a result, we find that they become confident early on in their language learning and make fast progress.
The language you study at Fernwood depends on which half of the cohort you are in. FERNWD will learn French and SCHMTY will learn German.
At Fernwood, we have a strong specialist team of French and German teachers. These are the languages we offer. We know that students achieve best when they are committed to learning one language throughout five years and that is the plan for most of our young people. However, if a student shows a particular aptitude for and interest in languages, we can offer them the opportunity to pick up a second language in year 8. They will continue to learn their year 7 language and spend additional time on their new one.
Learning a language is currently an optional subject at KS4. However, it is an EBACC subject and is definitely encouraged. The majority of Fernwood students do indeed study a language up to GCSE.
This depends on the language. If we can help we will. Some of our bilingual students are entered by Fernwood for an additional language GCSE. We are not in a position to offer any support other than providing a centre to sit the exam, bur often this is all the students need.
Traditionally*, Fernwood runs trips in KS3 and KS4. In KS3, students are offered the opportunity to go to either France or Germany – alternate years – and spend three to four days having a cultural experience in a foreign country. Students get to practise their language skills, try new things and create great memories. This is a very popular trip that students talk about for years to come. Our KS4 trip is more language focused. We have an exchange link with a school in the Loire valley and are making plans to re-establish links with a school in Germany. We are no longer able to run a traditional exchange in the sense that students stay with host families, but we do make really positive links with our partner school and all students find it a totally enriching experience. *Currently, all trips are on hold because of the current COVID-19 situation. We will update this information when we can.

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