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Religious Education

Faculty Representative
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Yes and they will really enjoy it! Legally all children must receive a religious education. The Fernwood School is incredibly diverse and so it is vital that all students are aware of the beliefs and cultures of those around them. Our school community is based on care – both from staff to students and students to each other. In order to be most caring and considerate, students need to be aware and understand those around them.
We study most of the major world religions at Fernwood, alongside some non-religious topics. We look at Christianity in the Old and New Testament, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam.
Yes – nearly every student at Fernwood will sit the RE GCSE in their Y11. This is a full GCSE on the same level as the other subjects that is recognised and valued by colleges and universities all over the UK.
All students will get 1 60 minute RE lesson a week throughout their time at Fernwood.

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